LPS – All in One


Use 230V/50Hz & 12V anywhere.

Charge automatically with solar panels, generator
– or connect directly to the mains.  
LPS - 100Ah Lithium Ion Battery
12V – 1,05 kWh
Lithium Ion Battery
LPS - 1500W Sine Wave Inverter
230V/50Hz – 1500W
Pure Sine Wave Inverter
LPS - Intelligent Charger
230V/50Hz – 12V/50A
Intelligent Charger
LPS - DC-DC Booster, charging from an alternator
DC-DC Booster

LPS - Lithium Power Supply input/output

Easy access to energy

Use 230V/50Hz and 12V simultaneously – anywhere

Use 230V for your power tools, battery chargers and other electrical appliances, up to 1500W – and stable 12V energy for light and other DC equipment. 

Charge from solar panels or a generator, wich will start-up automatically if an electric starter is available.
Apply and charge the LPS in short cycles, without affecting the long life span –opposite traditional lead batteries.

Small & Robust

Simple installation in cars, vans, boats and cottages

– easily disengaged, brought along and used as a generator.

The LPS is connected directly to the starter battery with a single cable utilizing the car’s alternator while charging.
Handle and plugs make it easy and quick to bring or replace the unit.
Dimensions: 24,5 x 25,5 x 39 cm
Weight: 28 kg

Userfriendly & Convenient

LPS - Consumption
Overview of remaining operation time

Through a clearly laid-out/easily comprehensive interface the remaining operation time is displayed.

LPS - Charging
Overview of remaining charging time

The remaining time to full charge is automatically shown when the unit is connected to a charging source.

LPS - Wake-Up
Automatic wake–up
and shut–down

The unit automatically wakes-up when a charging source is connected. When disconnected, the unit will automatically shut down.

LPS - Starting Aid
Compatible with solar/lead battery system

Connect the LPS to an existing solar/lead acid battery system and get more capacity. The LPS protects connected lead batteries and gives a longer life span.

After only 30 minutes of full sunshine, the LPS is charged 30%

Charge automatically with solar panels, generator or connect directly to the mains.

The green "generator"

Zero CO2 – Zero noise

With a lithium battery based solution, it is possible to remove the need for idling with your generator. This means remarkable savings in gasoline and CO2 –and it creates a noise and pollution-reduced environment.


Secured against shorts

The only battery on the market that can short– circuit with no danger to the function or user of the product.

Secured against overheating

With an integrated BMS control, the battery is protected against overcharge so overheating is avoided.

Secured against deep discharge

Safely use the full capacity of the lithium battery –the life span is insured by the built-in BMS controller.


230V/50Hz – 15 minutes: 1500W
230V/50Hz – continuously: 1300W
230V/50Hz – peak: 3000W
12VDC output: 70A
Operating times
200W@230V: 4hr : 30min
500W@230V: 1hr : 45min
1000W@230V: 50min
Charging times
Mains (50A): 1hr : 40min
Alternator (45A): 1hr : 45min

SRP (Suggested Retail Price): 2250

Great benefits with the LPS compared to traditional battery systems

Lithium vs AGM lead acid batteries

Powerful lithium

With more than twice as long operating time, the LPS clearly outperforms traditional lead batteries.

6x faster charging

One full charge of an LPS can be done in 1 hour 40 minutes - Much faster than the 8-10 hours needed for a lead battery.

6x longer lifespan

The LPS last 6 times longer with 2000 charge/discharge cycles than 350 for traditional lead batteries and the LPS requires no maintenance.

Compact design and low weight

Only 1/3 the weight of lead batteries with the same amount of available energy.

Fuel saving, silent and CO2 friendly

With the LPS it is possible to charge automatically from a generator in short periods of time. This reduces the consumption of expensive fuel and zero CO2 is emitted.